It’s been a while

13 Oct

It’s been a while since we don’t talk each other. How are you ? I guess you’re fine, absolutely fine because you have so much people who loves you. Like i said before, you surrounding by nice people.

You know, i never tried to see your account, no matter what you post, i try to ignore it. I know you need support from anyone. And some people told me about your post. But i just said “it’s okay, that’s her account, freely to post anything include her dissapointed feeling.” I try to hide anything from anyone and never told about my painful confession to you, but anyone know it well. I always keep off my self from talking about what’s happening between us.

People come and go, and right now i just waiting for your decision. If you think all of my thought about you is completely wrong. Of course you will shut me off. But i’ve never said, all of my thought is right. I just wanna say one think to you, if you think i’m made a scar in your heart, i’m sorry, and you can leave me and moving forward. Go ahead. Forget about what’s happening between us, and forget about me. I’m really sorry about all of my words to you. I don’t see a hint you will come back and forgive me, so i write this for you. I’m sorry that I have to put this out publicly, because I don’t know how to reach you.

I don’t wanna say Good bye. I just want to hear See you !

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Posted by on October 13, 2016 in Lyrics


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